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Bonjour and welcome to cassoletterecipes.com!

You may already know me as La Cuisinière from De’s Home Style Food Crafting.

Just back from a trip home, I came away (as I always do) with more ideas for scrumptious mini casserole dish recipes but it dawned on me that with cassoletterecipes.com (and other sites to come), I would delve deeper into those culinary experiences and share specific types of French country style recipes.

Thank You Pillsbury®!

I love to cook. It’s as simple as that.

Cooking may have started as a hobby nearly sixty years ago but it quickly became a passion.

A tiny Pillsbury® Bake Off booklet started it all.

Born in post-war France, I grew up watching three generations of my family cook delicious meals under what can best be described as difficult conditions. My grandmère, arrière grandmère and Maman managed to prepare great meals with a bare minimum of ingredients. Inventiveness was paramount. Everything was fresh from the garden, straight off the farm or direct from the woods.

Years later, I would travel the world with my parents. Mom cooked the way she had been taught. No need for cookbooks. Few ingredients were available and inventiveness ruled again.

It’s how I learned to cook.

Today, I can vouch for the fact that there are 101 ways to prepare frozen chicken and pork chops. At the time and in that particular location, those were the only options in imported food – when the shipment arrived in the country still frozen.

We quickly learned to eat “off the land” using nothing other than locally sourced ingredients.

It’s when you become very flexible with the menu and cooking methods.   You make dinner out of whatever you have on hand that day. And you never forget how to get creative with the ingredients – especially when those ingredients come in small amounts. 

Making Something Out of Nothing

Following a recipe to the letter has never been in my cooking arsenal. Now that I have access to cookbooks, I read them like novels, put them back on the shelf and never open them again.

I still shop for food the only way I know – one day at a time, using only the freshest ingredients and changing the menu on the fly depending on what I find at the supermarket that day.

Speaking of supermarkets…

Moving to the United States was total culture shock and it took me years to become used to the idea that I could run to the nearest market to find ANY ingredients I might need.  In any quantity.

Creative Cookery

My goal is to show you how to stretch that pound of meat or seafood into a meal for 4 and make each cassolette recipe your own by adapting, changing or even omitting ingredients.  

Follow my culinary adventures and I’ll show you how to prepare traditional and classic French comfort food recipes with the simplest of ingredients and a minimum of fuss. 

Ok, some recipes have more ingredients than others.  🙂

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

De Ashton



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